Healthcare Sector Overview

  • * Healthcare market size in India is estimated at $ 70 Billion and growing at CAGR of 18%.
  • * Medical devices market size in India is estimated at $ 5 billion and growing faster than industry average, at CAGR of           20%.
  • Glimpse of Market Trends favouring rapid growth:-

    1. * Rising Income and health awareness levels.
    2. * Insurance penetration at just 10 % and showing strong growth.
    3. * 80,000 – 100,000 hospital beds getting added each year and growing.
    4. The above facts and statistics explain why a lot of medical devices companies, operating internationally, have made a beeline for Indian market in last 5 years. However, Indian market is not without its own set of challenges

  • * Pricing Sensitivity
  • * Lack of geographical accessibility
  • * Lack of technological awareness.
  • It is important to navigate the above set of challenges and understand the market dynamics.

    The multitude of stakeholders in decision making in Indian Healthcare sector, make decision making complex and at times confusing for a new entrant.

    A solid understanding of the above is necessary for a successful entry and profitable growth in Indian market.